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Spiral Jetty

Spiral Jetty Full Movie HD This film, made by the artist, Robert Smithson, with the assistance of Virgina Dwan, Dwan Gallery & Douglas Christmas, Director, Ace Gallery, (the aforementioned Dwan & Christmas also assisted Smithson financially with the making of the Spiral Jetty), is a poetic and process minded film depicting a “portrait” of his renowned earth work — The Spiral Jetty, as it juts intothe shallows off the shore of Utah’s Great Salt Lake. A voice-over by Smithson reveals the evolution of the Spiral Jetty.

  • Release: 1970-08-01
  • Rating: 0
  • Production:
  • Genre: Documentary

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  • Robert Smithson

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiral Jetty

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