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Statin Nation

Statin Nation Full Movie HD We are told that cholesterol is a major cause of heart disease. At least 40 million people are currently taking cholesterol-lowering medications, known as statins, and millions more people are avoiding foods that contain saturated fat and cholesterol.The basic idea is that dietary saturated fat raises cholesterol levels, and these two substances somehow clog-up our arteries, causing a heart attack. This idea is often referred to as the diet-heart hypothesis.However, a number of doctors and researchers have been challenging this hypothesis for decades, and the latest heart disease statistics reveal some alarming facts.

  • Release: 2013-04-01
  • Rating: 7.5
  • Production:
  • Genre: Documentary

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Statin Nation

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  • Justin Smith
  • Justin Smith
  • Justin Smith

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Statin Nation

Peter Langsjoen
Statin Nation

Paul J. Rosch
Statin Nation

Malcolm Kendrick
Statin Nation

Uffe Ravnskov

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