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Canton Viper

Canton Viper Full Movie HD After witnessing the brutal murder of his mother, Ma-ryong grows up intent on revenge and sets out to become a master of martial arts. When Ma-ryong kills his mother’s murderer, Il-pyung, the son of Ma-ryong’s enemy, seeks a master to learn how to fight. Ma-ryong and Il-pyung form a bond as master and apprentice leading to an inevitable showdown.

  • Release: 1983-08-13
  • Rating: 0
  • Production: Hyeon-jin Films /
  • Genre: ActionDrama

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Movie Director & Crew Behind Canton Viper

  • Hwang Jang-Lee
  • Kim Won-du
  • Cheol-hyeok Lee
  • Myeong-ui Shin
  • Hong Ji-Woon

Release Date:
KR 1983-08-13

Movie Budget:

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Canton Viper – Starring

Canton Viper

Hwang Jang-Lee
Kal Ma-ryong
Canton Viper

Jo In-Pyo
Il Pyeong
Canton Viper

Kwon Il-Soo
Man in Black

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