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Bad City

Bad City Full Movie HD Bad City is on the edge of falling into the hands of a madman, you dig? A strange and funky new party drug is killing kids left and right and that jive-ass, crooked city councilor Dominic Kincaid is behind it all. After murdering the mayor, Kincaid has his sights set on taking over and running the city his way, the bad way. Thankfully, the one and only superfly Detective Franky New Guinea and his new partner, the truly unruly Detective Reverend Grizzly Night-Bear, are here to make sure that Bad City stays groovy and is run the good way: the Bad way (it’s different from the first bad way, and better). So get ready to boogie, cats, ’cause these cops are outta sight like dy-no-mite and the only thing they love more than sex, drugs, and growing body hair is taking down turkeys like Kincaid who threaten their BAD CITY.

  • Release: 2014-12-01
  • Rating: 4
  • Production: Raven West Films /
  • Genre: CrimeActionComedy

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Bad City

Movie Director & Crew Behind Bad City

  • Carl Bessai
  • Aaron Brooks
  • Dustin Milligan
  • Carl Bessai
    Director of Photography
  • Sabrina Pitre
  • Candice Elzinga

Release Date:
CA 2014-12-01

Movie Budget:

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Bad City – Starring

Bad City

Aaron Brooks
Detective Franky New-Guinea
Bad City

Dustin Milligan
Detective Reverend Grizzly Night-Bear
Bad City

Amanda Crew
Izzy Fontaine
Bad City

David Cubitt
Dominic Kincaid
Bad City

Reece Thompson
Kyle Night-Bear
Bad City

Tom Scholte
The Chief

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