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Yellowbird Full Movie HD Yellowbird lives in the ruins of an old house. He lacks the confidence to leave his home, no matter how much Bug, his labybird friend, tries to convince him to go out into the world. Attempts to toughen him up have had little success, so Bug seizes an opportunity that leaves Yellowbird unexpectedly finding himself the new leader of the flock that is migrating to Africa. Still, lacking faith in his own abilities and with danger and imminent failure lurking around every corner, our feathered hero is forced to either find the strength required to work with the team or bow out and stay hidden away forever.

  • Release: 2014-11-06
  • Rating: 5.5
  • Production: TeamTO / Compagnie Française Cinématographique (CFC) / Haut et Court / Panache Productions /
  • Genre: AnimationFamilyComedy

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**Not all the birds born navigator.**This ‘Yellowbird’ came between ‘Free Birds’ and ‘Angy Birds’. I liked all the three. They all about the birds, but different from each others. This is a French film in English language. It tells the story of a yellow bird who was raised by a ladybug. All his life he lived in a small safe enclosure, but the destiny chooses him to lead a flock of birds to migrate during the eve of winter. Without any experience how he manages to accomplish the mission is what covered in the remaining parts.The animation standards were high. The character models and backgrounds, all were impressive. Even the colours and texture were so good. But the story was weak. The adventure did not have any major impressive scene. It has some decent jokes, but not an adventure to define the film. It was a simple story about a lie and doing the right thing after realising that. I am sure not everyone would enjoy it, but kids would.For me, it had lots of ups and downs throughout the narration. At least it ended decently. Animation films won’t release every weekend and I have seen almost all the top ones so far, so what’s next are these ones. For the animation fans, this won’t be a bad flick if you welcome quality ones, except the story which was just okay. That means it is for the selected viewers._6.5/10_

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Movie Director & Crew Behind Yellowbird

  • Christian De Vita
  • Antoine Barraud
  • Guilhem Lesaffre
  • Cory Edwards
  • Caroline Benjo
  • Corrine Kouper

Release Date:
FR 2014-11-06

Movie Budget:

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Yellowbird – Starring


Seth Green

Dakota Fanning
Delf (voice)

Christine Baranski

Danny Glover

Elliott Gould
The Owl

Jim Rash

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