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Demon Strike

Demon Strike Full Movie HD Silver Fox (Hwang Jan Lee) fights a dark martial arts master imbued with weird magical powers (which include performing strange rituals on captive women) and, of course, fantastic fighting skills. The Fox will need every one of his own prodigious fighting skills to triumph over the forces of evil that marshal against him in this rock ’em, sock ’em martial arts epic. The very formidable Leung Kar Yan costars.

  • Release: 1979-03-02
  • Rating: 7
  • Production: Yuk Fung (H. K.) Production Co., Ltd. /
  • Genre: Action

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Demon Strike
Demon Strike
Demon Strike

Movie Director & Crew Behind Demon Strike

  • Mun Yiu-Wa

Release Date:
HK 1979-03-02

Movie Budget:

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Demon Strike – Starring

Demon Strike

Hwang Jang-Lee
Chai Chau Tien
Demon Strike

Leung Kar-Yan
Master Chiao
Demon Strike

Jason Pai Piao
Pao Chang Yi
Demon Strike

Lam Yi-Wa
Chang Wu’s daughter
Demon Strike

Sit Hon
Jin Biao
Demon Strike

Chu Ko
Hu Pa Tu

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