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Bee Bopped

Bee Bopped Full Movie HD After a short history on bees and bee-keeping, we find Windy the bear’s attempts to steal honey from a bee hive (he is teaching his son the “right” way to get honey) only to be attacked by the bee inside. Windy tries a number of attempts to outsmart the bee. He floods the hive, dresses as a queen bee, uses a bathroom plunger to trap the bee (only to get it stuck to various parts of his body) and finally tries to dynamite it, only succeeding in blowing himself up. At the hospital, he is served honey and hotcakes in bed… by a male nurse who looks suspiciously like the bee he just tangled with!

  • Release: 1959-06-14
  • Rating: 0
  • Production: Walter Lantz Productions /
  • Genre: Animation

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Movie Director & Crew Behind Bee Bopped

  • Paul J. Smith
  • Walter Lantz
  • Robert Bentley
  • Lester Kline
  • Don Patterson
  • Homer Brightman

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Bee Bopped

Daws Butler

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