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Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun Full Movie HD Katie, a 17-year-old, has been sheltered since childhood and confined to her house during the day by a rare disease that makes even the smallest amount of sunlight deadly. Fate intervenes when she meets Charlie and they embark on a summer romance.

  • Release: 2018-03-22
  • Rating: 7.8
  • Production: Boies/Schiller Film Group / Wrigley Pictures / Universal Pictures /
  • Genre: RomanceDrama

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I just wanna say from the moment I seen how sad she was I cried and yes I did cry but I just wanna say even though she wasn’t suppose to go outside she did it anyways and at first I was a little confused because I was like this is just like everything everything so what is the point of watching it but in everything everything she didn’t die and that made me realize how amazing the movie is and how better it is because when you think about it its dumb of her to risk her life but at the same time the time was gonna come and they all knew it so instead of her dying inside a house and not being able to experience anything was like why but she died happy and she knew how she wanted to that’s exactly why she did it and I know it’s only a movie but don’t be afraid to live life to the fullest because me I always think how do I wanna do this do I wanna upset my parents but sometimes I wanna die but it will upset them and I just want everyone to be happy just like her and I love this movie because it inspires me to do better in life and don’t let anyone or anything hold me back from being me and living life and it made me realize something risk life for love its beautiful and everyone should be happy

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Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun

Movie Director & Crew Behind Midnight Sun

  • Scott Speer
  • Eric Kirsten
  • Jen Gatien
  • John Rickard
  • Zack Schiller
  • Nate Walcott

Release Date:
US 2018-03-22

Movie Budget:

Wiki Page:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun – Starring

Midnight Sun

Bella Thorne
Midnight Sun

Patrick Schwarzenegger
Midnight Sun

Rob Riggle
Midnight Sun

Quinn Shephard
Midnight Sun

Ken Tremblett
Midnight Sun

Jenn Griffin

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